THINK PUBLIC RELATIONS specializes in corporate reputation management and public relations. In each of the areas we cater to, our solutions are rooted in the clients' business objective and strategy. Knowledge-driven communications is the core of our brand promise and we aim to be the trusted advisers to our clients.


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How you introduce your company is crucial. While a lot of founders want to focus on tech at first, PR becomes essential when you want to get other people excited about what you’re doing. When it comes to startup media ingredients, the more of the ingredients you have, the bigger the splash you’re going to make.
To build a solid foundation for your communications program you must have a good understanding of the following three areas of Marketing/PR: Target Audience, Core Messaging, Media Relations.


Identifying specific groups of consumers or users that may be interested in your product or service will determine who you need to influence. Not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer so be realistic about who the likely consumers are.


The success of your startup will depend on your ability to clearly express what makes you different from your competitors. Your core message is an uncomplicated way of telling your target audience why you are different. It should explain the unique benefit of your solution and how it will positively impact their life, in simple terms.


Now that you have your target audience and core messages nailed, you’re ready to roll. Fire up the press release machine and let’s start pitching those journalists that will absolutely want to hear about your “game changing” product!

ThinkPR offers modular solutions to Startups to get started with their PR programs. From basic PR 101 to a sustained communications campaign, we are completely equipped to provide the complete solution in a box. So, whether you are looking at just trying out PR over a 3-month time frame or are looking at an ongoing exercise, just give a shout out to us and we will come across with our toolkit !